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Honey bee removal
Bees nest removal
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Bee swarm removal
Bee colony removal
Bee control
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Bee proofing
Natural, Treatment-free, Earth-Friendly Beekeeping.

Our focus is practical non-treatment beekeeping
Treatment is a substance introduced by the beekeeper into the hive with the intent of killing, repelling, or inhibiting a pest or disease afflicting the bees.
Treatment-free beekeeping relies on targeted natural selection to maintain healthy stock and genetics. Natural selection requires both survival and death.
Yes it is difficult when starting out with commercially produced bees to get them to survive for a long time, but in nature, the unfit do not survive. It’s a harsh reality, but nature consists of one harsh reality after another. Its good to understand just how nature keeps bees healthy and vigorous.
We get pure clean honey. I’ve never spent a dime on any of the chemicals, miticides, pesticides and antibiotics.
So, what is ‘treatment-free?’ Treatment-free is the way bees live in the wild. It’s the way the species ultimately survives. And it’s why I don’t treat my bees.